First girls soccer win in school history

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Winter photos

Sort of a random catchall – Christmas, Hayley’s braces coming off, New Years Eve and the Winter storm in February.

And about 60 more…
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UNC women’s game

With Coach Williams-Johnson

With Eric Ebron

With Jessica Washington

With Diamond DeShields

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Leslie & the Lys, 2014 edition

The first time I ever posted anything about Leslie Hall was almost six years ago when I found her Gem Sweater website and I could not stop laughing. This lady in Iowa had found all these bizarre gem sweaters and taken a photo in each, with the same hair and makeup. The absurdity killed me. When I found she had a band (Leslie & the Lys) and they had a song about her Gem Sweaters, I thought it was even funnier. Hayley and I got the CD and played it all the time in the car.

Six months later, we saw they were on a national tour and as luck would have it, coming to play a show in Chapel Hill. We had a blast, met a bunch of great people, Hayley ended up on stage and even got to meet the band. We were hooked and have been going to their shows ever since – 2009, 2010, 2012 and then this week. It’s hard to explain how great these shows are – it’s part music, humor and performance art. It’s positive, the crowds are always so happy.

Over the years, we’ve gotten to know the band. We always arrive early because I want to get seats off to the side to keep Hayley out of the chaos. We’ve helped with set-up, brought them vegan goodies and had them ship stuff to us to resupply. But this time, we went a step further. Since they had a day off between their DC show and the Chapel Hill one, the band stayed with us for a couple of nights.

I recognize it’s a bit crazy but we’ve kept in touch for years and we knew they’d be great fun to have stay. Life is about experiences after all, right? Hayley was over the moon that they were all here. It was a little mindblowing, they’d given us a lot of laughs and music over the years – and here they were, their crazy van parked in front of our house. After buying more veggies and vegan stuff than I’d ever known existed for our six guests, we settled in for a lot of laughing, chatting, Netflix, making stuff with the sodastream and doing laundry. They really just wanted to relax and recharge. They were incredibly easy, funny and lovely house guests. Plus I love for Hayley to see creative amazing people following their passion.

So Leslie, Mona, Derek, Beth, Adrien and Kristen, you can come back any ole time. Hopefully we’ll see you in a year or so.

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Another first…

First girls basketball win in school history! Hayley started the game and was on the court for the end too.

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It’s cold out there!

Also note the grin free of braces. They came off December 31st!

Genealogy note

Screenshot at Oct 30 22-32-19

This is one of my favorite genealogy finds. My grandfather’s senior yearbook photo and info.

I really need to be logging my work for more efficient research so I’m going to be posting it all under the Genealogy section on the right side. I’m not going to have it show up on the front page most of the time because there can be a fair amount of it. I’ll post interesting things if I come across them but no one wants to read the logs of microfilm research I do Tuesday mornings.

My tree at

Specific interests right now – Falconieri / Falconer (Italy & Pittsburgh) | Zuraweic (Poland and Pittsburgh | Pugh (Iowa & Ireland) | Donahue & O’Donoghue (Boston & County Clare specifically Doolin)


XC Meet

One of the recent bigger meets had a photographer shooting, so we got some great action shots (thanks Jeff Sides!) and I tossed in a few of my own. Hayley had a great race, she had a PR by over a minute on the Beeson Park course in Kernersville.

Stretching out

Race start

Milkshake time with teammates

Long day… wake up at 5:45am, got home at 3:30pm

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High School!

Hayley started high school and cross country.

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July 4th in Blacksburg

We spent July 4th up in Blacksburg again, a very relaxing break. Jeff and Hayley ran a 5k with Jeff’s parents over in Shawsville. I helped set up their new iMac (another convert to Apple). Jeff and I went back home after the holiday and Hayley stayed longer to hang out with her grandparents and Uncle Jay.



Jay is excited to have won a gift certificate in a raffle despite not running, lol

We brought Annabelle with us, she and Clayton enjoyed pinning Hayley down

Visiting animals

…. More photos

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