Winter photos


Sort of a random catchall – Christmas, Hayley’s braces coming off, New Years Eve and the Winter storm in February.

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Christmas 2010 – updated!


What a great Christmas! It started off with going to the Carolina Ballet performance of the Nutcracker with Jenn and Mason. We did lots of crafts and baked, did our Christmas Eve Gingerbread house decorating and then our Christmas day Demolition Derby, the sixth annual! Between them, we opened scads of gifts and then had a full house for dinner. Top it all off with snow for a white Christmas and I don’t think we could ask for more!

Photo Galleries!

>>Christmas Crafting (slideshow view) (detailed view)

>>Christmas (slideshow view) (detailed view)

>>Gingerbread Demolition Derby (slideshow view) (detailed view)

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Photos: Snowbama day


Several of my friends named it Snowbama day since we got six inches on Tuesday the day of the inauguration of President Obama, it made me chuckle so I keep using it. Besides all we did that day was either snow or inauguration related anyway.

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Photos: Library walls, Jeff, snow and the dogs


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Photo Gallery: Snow day


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