Our senior…


First part of Hayley’s senior photos by the amazing Graham Morrison. Trey took photos with Graham too and they took some cute ones together too.








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Family Pix






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Junior year


As always I have a ton of photos to upload…

First off, Hayley made the varsity basketball team again but has also been shooting sports for the school newspaper – check out her latest photos from a tennis match, http://www.raptorresearcher.tk/sports/tennis-rths-vs-voyager-academy.

Junior year school pic

Homecoming dance at Trey’s school
kestrel homecoming 2015

After some of Trey’s football games


Volunteering with Cary EMS

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Basketball and soccer pics


I still have a pile of photos from cross country, basketball and soccer seasons to post but I figured I’d at least post the official team photos from basketball and soccer from Hayley’s freshman year at RTHS.

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Two great old photos…


I have about 200 photos to post, mostly from Hayley’s high school basketball and soccer seasons… or July 4th… or whatever, I’m just way behind in general. But in the past 12 hours, I’ve got two old photos of ladies I love (my mom and my mother in law) and I had to post them because I’m so charmed by them both (you should begin humming The Way We Were by Streisand now and don’t make any jokes because everyone should know I’m obsessed with that movie).

joanne at dianne's wedding
My mom is on the right side, in the light pink top with the darker pink floral skirt before a friend’s wedding in 1973. Thanks to Facebook for this one, the poster was the bride and added, “your mom was always such a wonderful part of EVERYONE’S life. So funny. Actually, her whole family was hilarious and I think all her many friends would agree to that.”

sharen and karen with parents and grandparents
My mother-in-law passed this one on to me last night with this story, “this picture that was sent by the daughter (baby on the left) of lifelong friends of mom and dad. The picture is of the Douthitts and mom and dad with mom holding me and Karen as a toddler. The two on the right are “Pops and Frances”, my dad’s parents. Karen or I had never seen this picture before. Cliff and Inez Douthett met my parents while they both were dating, then married, then had children about the same age. When we were young we used to drive to Texas (where they moved to) for visits. Then Mom and dad and they used to travel together when we kids grew up and moved away. Just interesting history. Cliff and Inez are still living. They had a very long friendship.”

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Family photos


I’m catching up on photos slowly but surely! As some of you know, I don’t like being in photos but the fabulous photographer Graham Morrison came up from Charlotte so I couldn’t resist.

More Photos: Regular View or Slideshow View

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Middle school basketball


Hayley made the middle school basketball team at Kestrel. I’ll add more photos from the season.

The journalism/yearbook kids at Kestrel did this for 8th graders. So cute!

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Wild Sky and puppy


The sky was wild and Hayley went outside to take a few photo with her assistant Annabelle along for the photos.

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John Ford Coley & Byron Hill


I am unabashed fan of 70s music and Friday night we headed out to Winston-Salem to see one of my all-time favorites – John Ford Coley. Coley along with England Dan had a ton of hits including Love Is The Answer, I’d Really Love To See You Tonight, Never Have To Say Goodbye Again, Nights Are Forever Without You and Sad To Belong to name a few. Love Is The Answer is my favorite song of all time so I was just thrilled to get to hear him live, even Jeff and Hayley were excited because they’ve listened to his stuff so much they love it too.

It was fantastic. Small intimate venue with John Ford Coley and an amazing country songwriter named Byron Hill alternating songs and stories – they were a great combo. We were 10 feet from the stage, got to talk to them, get autographs and take photos. As fun as hearing songs I loved from Coley, we were totally charmed by Hill who evidently has written something like 600 songs recorded by others, including 30 top-ten country songs. I’m not a country fan so he was new to me but he sang a number of his songs that went to #1 and I was downloading them by the end of the night.

John Ford Coley in concert from michelle hillison on Vimeo.

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Hayley turns 14


For her 14th birthday, Hayley decided to have our dear friend Graham Morrison shoot she and her friends hanging out. Our regular stylist Michelle did Hayley’s hair that morning then an amazing makeup artist, Kitschkween aka Marissa Rhoades came over and got the girls ready. The results were fantastic.

After they had cake, pizza and watched movies until the wee hours of the sleepover.

The cake turned out awesome – Once in a Blue Moon designed a Graffiti Cake:

We had a birthday lunch and then birthday pie later on as well – we do love to drag out her birthday and make a big deal of it!

More photos from this set:
Regular view (easiest to find one in particular or print)
Slideshow view (easiest to see them all)

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