Three emails from Rob today


Rob and I exchanged some emails today

Thing are ok. I was eaten alive by bugs yesterday. I went up north and the mosquitoes ate me up. Other than that, I am just trying to stay cool. It was over 110 again here. Damn this country is hot. Now I know why your average 25 year old looks 45.

Are you interacting with the locals much?
Sometimes more than we like. I do some claims, but mainly I work within the wire here. Some POW work. Whenever you drive anywhere, your vehicles are inundated with beggars and kids trying to sell you stuff. You have to just ignore them.

Are they happy you are there?
Good days and bad days. Lot more mood swings than in the states. There is absolutely no privacy here. People are everywhere you go. That is hard to get use to and make it hard to live. I, for example, live in the same tent as my boss. I am glad I like him and we get alone well, because if I didn’t I would go crazy. He is everywhere I am.

Is it just you and he in the tent, or do you have more roommates? How long do you think you’ll be there?
I have 8 people in my tent. That beats Arifjan where I was in a warehouse with, I don’t know, 500, 800, 1000. How long we will be here is the $64,000.00 question. We talk and speculate about it all the time. I really have no clue to be honest. The sooner the better. The summer is going to be real h

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Update from Rob


From Rob:

Hey, we just got the internet back up today. It was 108 again today. You would think, now that I was at a base I would get more mail, but it rarely comes. The postal service here is about 10x worse than the us postal back home. Scary.

I wish I had a clue how long I will be here. At least through the summer is a good guess. After that I have no clue.

What have you been up to? What is going on in NC? Nothing that interesting here. Lots of military justice issues. Lots of bad boys and girls losing stripes. Other than that nothing much. I have got to do some work with POWs and I am in charge of the Ziggurat of Ur. That was the birthplace of Abraham and is about a mile from here. Cool place.

Write if you get the chance and tell me how things are going.

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Rob is in Iraq officially now


From my friend Rob:

Hey, I am Tallil, Iraq. I will be here for a while. Everything has been fine.

We are just trying to establish our office right now. The building we are in was bombed during the last gulf war and the Iraqis never rebuilt the place. Lots of work to do and we are running on generator power. Hard to get much done when it gets dark. We have the usual legal issues, plus we have been able to do some work with POWs. I will write when I chance.

I think he is here:

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