New TV!


The new TV and blu ray are being installed now! We’ll have a wall of TV when they are done installing and linking everything together. And yes, we are just dorky enough to want two big tvs in the same room.

Thank goodness Jeff’s brother Jay is a whiz at this or it would have cost arm and a leg for installation.



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Photos: Hayley’s new room


We finally decided Hayley was ready to move to a bigger room, so she took Jeff’s big home office and he took her room. She decided she wanted it black and hot pink with the theme ‘punk princess’. So we got paint, vinyl decals and all sorts of stuff and we got to work. It’s pretty much done however I’d have more photos if she would ever reasonably clean up her room. So this is mostly the work in process and parts of her room.

See more photos from this set:
Regular view (easiest to find one in particular or print)
Slideshow view (easiest to see them all)

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Photos: Snowbama day


Several of my friends named it Snowbama day since we got six inches on Tuesday the day of the inauguration of President Obama, it made me chuckle so I keep using it. Besides all we did that day was either snow or inauguration related anyway.

See more photos from this set:
Regular view (easiest to find one in particular or print)
Slideshow view (easiest to see them all)

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New living room furniture on the way


Hooray, we finally ordered our new living room furniture! I finally twisted Jeff’s arm into it by making it be my anniversary gift. [10 years tomorrow in fact, I love you more now sweetie than I did even then.]

We got the couch, love seat and ottoman in that dark brown leather. The ottoman will be used for extra seating, ie video games closer to the tv.

The tables are darker actually and insanely heavy stone. hayley actually found these and I flipped over them.

And then two recliners in this pear color, which is more muted when you see it for real.

I had them drag pieces over to look at it all together and it looks good together.

I’m going to replace the sofa table on the back wall with a large square grid bookshelf but that will take some time to sort out with some places because we all know I’m picky when I have an idea in my head. I’ll toss in some green accessories to pick up that color.

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Photos: Halloween 2005


We went nuts for Halloween. Strobe light, fog machine, tons of sensor things (you walk by and they scream), bloody doors, spider webs everywhere, ghost in the trees, luminaries in the yard. I missed a lot of cool things to get photos of – mostly the glowing light/sensor stuff but oh well!

Hayley and her friends did a lot of it and I didn’t even care that stuff looked so nutty, it was charming! People loved it – some people were even taking photos with their cell phones of their kids and the Mummy. Little kids couldn’t handle all the noise and fog

It was so fun. I stayed out on the porch working some of the toys to freak people out. It is our tradition to give out glow stick bracelets and necklaces with the candy, so I did those too.

Hayley pretty much went nuts. She had a friend sleepover and three other neighborhood kids ask to Trick-Treat with her. I was so happy for her to have people want to go with her and then everyone come over to her house. We got pizzas for us, her friend and her mom and out next door neighbors came over too.
Next year, I’m just going to plan on throwing an after-party for everyone!

See more photos from this set:
Regular view (easiest to find one in particular or print)

Slideshow view (easiest to see them all)

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Our sports memorabilia collection


As most of you know, Jeff & I are obsessive college sports fans. We love to collect UNC (me) and VT (Jeff) stuff – the pile got to be extensive enough where we devoted an entire room to it.

I’d say it is about 60% UNC stuff, 40% VT stuff. And since I took the photos, I’m highlighting some of my favorite UNC stuff.

Left side view: big wall of autographed photos and some of the stuff

To Michelle, Julius Peppers plus the invitation to the luncheon where he signed it for me.

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Downstairs photos


A friend of mine has been after me to take some photos of my house. I finally did and I thought I’d post them here as well.

One of the reasons we picked this floor plan was the way everything was open and flowed – either french doors or arches with no doors between most areas. The rooms are huge to begin with and coupled with the “flow”, it gave the house a very comfortable feel.

It was originally a three car garage but since we don’t have kids and it’ll be 16 plus years before they drive, we had it changed to a two car garage and the kitchen/living room expanded. So your eyes don’t deceive you, this is about the biggest kitchen you’ve ever seen.

We’ve lived here almost three years now. Later, I’ll post photos of the four bedrooms upstairs and the bonus room that is a memorabilia room.

Front of house on sunny day

library with the wallpaper we made from book pages

Dining room – every photo turns out bad. But the art and chair pads are sage, the walls white. I got the table last summer from Workbench and it has sliding leaves that make it so it can seat 10 comfortably.

hallway from library and dining room (thank you Martha Stewart mirror kit). That table opens up as a CD holder but I fell in love with since it was narrow and I needed a hall table.

Hallway with two magazines framed (ESPN and Entertainment Weekly) that one of my websites has been in

my messy office (laptops are in living room right now)

downstairs bathroom

Living room view into the kitchen/breakfast table. to the left is a great B&W photo from NYC

Huge print I love (it is five feet by 3 feet)

my sweet 40in sony vega TV and fireplace (sorry for all the messy cords, Jeff was playing xbox and I’ve got 2 of my laptops in the living room changing machines). Above the fireplace is an awesome shot of City Lights bookstore in SF that we visited on our honeymoon.

kitchen view one

kitchen view two

kitchen view three (sorry, still haven’t packed up the mosaic stuff)

breakfast area/bar/craft corner

corner before outside. I found those boxes at an close out furniture store – they are fake leather covered with a map pattern on top.

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Mosaic backsplash in progress


Still a bit messy and it isn’t done yet – we’ve got the first two levels of sealant down and will keep applying it until it stops absorbing. Also we are going to run a thin line of caulk in the bottom and top gap. We left that gap so the grout could expand.

And you’d have to see the rest of the kitchen to see why we used a tile with a bright blue with the countertops in a milder blue. We have a bunch of bright blue accessories in the kitchen. Plus the kitchen is huge, so the bright blue/yellow stands out.

Thanks to for the tile and help. I wish I lived in Dallas to visit them!

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Our library is done!


The make your own wallpaper experiment is done – and it looks great!

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Update – March ’03


Not much to report…

  • We finished the library walls! It took four months and we think a few thousand pages but it looks great. We were both really shocked it looked so good and proud of ourselves for doing it.
  • I am converting the webpage to a content management system that I wanted to try out on some other sites I work with. We are also moving servers and domain hosts, so things might be a bit off for awhile.
  • My buddy from college Robert is headed off to the middle east. He’s normally an assistant district attorney but he’s also an Army reserve lawyer – what they need lawyers over there for, I don’t know.
  • I got a kickbutt new camera, a Nikon D100. I got two lenses, a wide angle 28-105mm and a longer 75-305mm. We are having tons of fun and we’ve already had a few shots published in newspapers.

  • Got a new TV, a Sony Wega. Dad ended up buying it for us for Christmas, so I could use my consulting check for the above camera. It is such a clear screen, amazing.
  • It’s playoff season at work and I’m whipped already trying to keep up.
  • I’ve been diagnosed as insulin resistant and having Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (they go together). I’m now taking a drug called Glucophage XR each day to help my body process insulin. I’ve evidently had this forever and it does explain a lot of things. Insulin resistant is a pre-cursor to diabetes, so I need to be careful to not end up diabetic.

    That’s about it.

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