About Michelle


Michelle : Mom, wife, web developer/producer/editor, sports fan. From Chapel Hill, living in Cary, NC now.

Fourth generation Chapel Hillian, Tar Heel fanatic. Love 70s music, food trucks, photography, sports and laughing. Wait does anyone not like laughing? I probably should remove that. I like SNL and standup comics… that’s probably more accurate. Good cook, lousy housekeeper. And I love my little family a ton – I’d rather stay home with my husband and daughter than do most anything else.

Oh and I like being contrary and quirky. It’s my nature. My daughter is quirky too. Thank goodness it doesn’t annoy my husband too much.

I got glasses in 2006 and I can’t remember when I didn’t have them. I’m one of those people who should have glasses. No one even noticed I got them because it was so right.

Recent convert to the cult of mac with my iphone, ipad and macbook pro. And now genealogy nut.

Professional: I started working in new media/web production of sports websites for newspapers and tv stations in 1997 and have been lucky enough to continue in that field ever since. My full-time gig is Technical Producer at InsideCarolina.com, the #1 non-official collegiate sports website. I have a side company where I develop sites for small businesses of friends and family. Plus occasionally I work on some official conference and collegiate sites.

I have a degree in Political Science from University of North Carolina at Wilmington and in graduate school (slowly) at University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) in a graduate program about Technology in Journalism.


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