About our family

From 2004, this is my favorite photo of us.

However, this one is more recent and more accurate – Update WELL, no not anymore since it’s from like 2008

Ok this one really is more recent – November 2011

Welcome however you stumbled into this zone of self-congratulations! What to say about us? Well we (Jeff, Michelle & Hayley) live in North Carolina with our mini-dachshund Annabelle. We’ve been married since 1998 and our daughter Hayley is in the fourth grade seventh grade.

I met Jeff at work in 1996 and he still works for the same company where he is an accountant (CPA). Jeff is from Blacksburg VA and a raving Virginia Tech fan. His parents still live in Blacksburg and his brother lives close by to them.

As for me, I’ve spent 14+ years working in sports web development for newspapers, TV stations and other media groups. Right now I’m the Technical Producer at InsideCarolina, dealing with geeky stuff for the best Carolina site on the web. I’m an insane Carolina fan, raised in Chapel Hill so being able spend my days immersed in UNC sports and working from home is a pretty sweet deal. I do still putter on the side with sites for small businesses at Game Plan Development but my time is usually pretty tight. I’ve ditched my other blogs – just not worth it anymore.

Our amazing daughter Hayley was adopted and over the years we have established an open adoption with her first families. We never imagined things would turn out this well. She was adopted through Children’s Home Society (nc) and we recommend them to everyone. She is the miracle of our lives, coming into our family after years of infertility treatments. Our path isn’t for everyone but it sure has been rewarding – feel free to ask me about it.

Hayley, now in middle school, is focusing on her horse back riding and just plays other sports just for fun now (no more club soccer or swim team). She still love all animals, especially horses and dogs. She somehow conned us into letting our dachshund sleep in her room so at night she has two guinea pigs and a dog in her room. She’s grown into a creative, thoughtful, funny, sarcastic and beautiful young lady. She loves art, design, photography, music and gadgets (iPhone junkie like her mother).

We live on a quiet cul-de-sac in the suburbs. We built a 3,000 square feet home with five bedrooms plus a bonus room in 2000 and plan on living here for a very long time – six more years and it is paid off totally!


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