1923 Metropolitan Street, Pittsburgh

The odd thing is the house at 1923 Metropolitan Avenue in Pittsburgh that my great-grandparents owned was listed in her name on town plot maps I found. I found out the deed was given to her, not both of them. It was the nicest house on the street and had two other small rental houses on the land.

Since their home no longer stands, I couldn’t find the records online thru the Dept of Real Estate for the county. It’s now part of a much bigger lot that is industrial warehouses. I contacted a guy there and he helped me figure it out. I found out the owner and he helped me access the file. He told me, “Helen took title individually from John Klein in 1922. She had to convey it to a third party, then in turn it was conveyed to herself and Fred on October, 1926.”

What the heck?? The home was valued at $5,000 – that’s a lot for a women in 1922 to have. She’d have been mid-20s then, this was a woman that had a 3rd grade education and was a homemaker. How did she end up with this house? More on my great-grandmother’s mystery,
The curious case of Helen Z. (or S.)

Two different views of the house and land my great-grandparents owned in Pittsburgh.

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