UNC vs San Diego State


Had to go to the UNC-SDSU game to see the stripe out! Night games at Kenan are just so gorgeous – there is no place more beautiful for college football. My dad showed up and hung out for most of the game which was a nice gift too.

Early on…

Everyone in their seats…

Heels pull out the win at the last second

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July 4th


We went up to Blacksburg again for the July 4th holiday. Jeff’s grandmother Faye is now living in Blacksburg full-time so it was nice to see her. Hayley took a selfie with Jay and her great-grandmother Faye that still cracks me up. Jeff, Hayley and his folks ran the Shawsville 5k again. They came in 4th in the fastest family category and got their photo in the paper. Hayley and her Grandma Sharen both picked up hardware in their age groups. We also got to see Jeff’s folks new house that is under-construction – it’s going to be really nice.

More pix from this album, Regular view or Slideshow

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Two great old photos…


I have about 200 photos to post, mostly from Hayley’s high school basketball and soccer seasons… or July 4th… or whatever, I’m just way behind in general. But in the past 12 hours, I’ve got two old photos of ladies I love (my mom and my mother in law) and I had to post them because I’m so charmed by them both (you should begin humming The Way We Were by Streisand now and don’t make any jokes because everyone should know I’m obsessed with that movie).

joanne at dianne's wedding
My mom is on the right side, in the light pink top with the darker pink floral skirt before a friend’s wedding in 1973. Thanks to Facebook for this one, the poster was the bride and added, “your mom was always such a wonderful part of EVERYONE’S life. So funny. Actually, her whole family was hilarious and I think all her many friends would agree to that.”

sharen and karen with parents and grandparents
My mother-in-law passed this one on to me last night with this story, “this picture that was sent by the daughter (baby on the left) of lifelong friends of mom and dad. The picture is of the Douthitts and mom and dad with mom holding me and Karen as a toddler. The two on the right are “Pops and Frances”, my dad’s parents. Karen or I had never seen this picture before. Cliff and Inez Douthett met my parents while they both were dating, then married, then had children about the same age. When we were young we used to drive to Texas (where they moved to) for visits. Then Mom and dad and they used to travel together when we kids grew up and moved away. Just interesting history. Cliff and Inez are still living. They had a very long friendship.”

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Nana & Poppy visit


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We had a great Easter!

I’ll always make Hayley an Easter basket.

The Hillisons came down for the weekend.

Hello from us…

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Winter photos


Sort of a random catchall – Christmas, Hayley’s braces coming off, New Years Eve and the Winter storm in February.

And about 60 more…
Regular view
Slideshow view

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July 4th in Blacksburg


We spent July 4th up in Blacksburg again, a very relaxing break. Jeff and Hayley ran a 5k with Jeff’s parents over in Shawsville. I helped set up their new iMac (another convert to Apple). Jeff and I went back home after the holiday and Hayley stayed longer to hang out with her grandparents and Uncle Jay.



Jay is excited to have won a gift certificate in a raffle despite not running, lol

We brought Annabelle with us, she and Clayton enjoyed pinning Hayley down

Visiting animals

…. More photos

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Faith visit


Hayley’s sister Faith came to stay with us for a weekend and we had a great time. The girls hit the pool a few times, hung out with our next door neighbor, went to Winterpast Farm and went horseback riding.

See more photos …

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News from Blacksburg


Jeff’s folks sent us some cute photos the past few weeks…

His grandmother Faye turned 90!

And his folks raced some more…

The 2013 picture shows the seven members of the Blacksburg AARP United race team that competed in the Summer Solstice 5K race. L to R Bob Wheeler, Paul Smeal, Sally Paulson, John Hillison, Sharen Hillison, Angela Little, and Don Creamer.

The 5K winners picture shows the five members of the AARP United team that received medals. L to R Don Creamer, Paul Smeal, Sally Paulson, Sharen Hillison, and John Hillison.

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Boston trip – updated with all the pics


We went to Boston for a week a couple of months ago and had a great time. It had been years since we had been back and my cousin Nicole’s wedding was the perfect excuse to catch a plane headed north. While I was raised in Chapel Hill, I was actually born in Boston where my father Tommy is from. I still have a lot of family there and this trip back was a really special time. The wedding was gorgeous and it was wonderful to spend time with everyone. I’m such a sucker for the city of Boston and its suburbs. It’s packed with history and great stuff to do. My family has such a long history with the area. With my obsession with genealogy, it made it extra fun to see some of the buildings that my family’s construction business built as early as 1895 that are still being used today. Oh and real italian food, thank goodness for that!

There were so many photos I’m going to do this in batches.

First pile, some of the aquarium photos and video clips. Hayley did a special program where you learn about the Harbor Seals and then get to work with a trainer and the seals in their enclosure. It was really amazing. Marine animals have such a special place in her heart so we were thrilled she got this chance. Of course no trip to an aquarium is complete without more photos from Hayley of whatever animals she loves – this time jellyfish and penguins.

More Aquarium Photos: Regular View or Slideshow View

(bigger version)

More Wedding Photos: Regular View or Slideshow View

Graveyard Photos: Regular View or Slideshow View

Gloucester Photos: Regular View or Slideshow View

Misc Boston Photos: Regular View or Slideshow View

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